by MR Magazine Staff

During the long COVID-19 pandemic, as men primarily worked from home during the day and couch-surfed at night, they spent most of their time in sweatpants and sneakers. Suits and sportscoats were often relegated to the back of the closet, and even jeans remained in hangers or drawers. But as we start to re-emerge and return to work and social activities, our wardrobes need to be refreshed. Luckily, Jack of Spades has the winning solutions.

Since the Mann family took over the company in 2011, Jack of Spades has evolved into an authentic premium denim brand, developing realistically priced alternatives for today’s men who want to show off great style and remain comfortable from sun-up to after sundown, without breaking the proverbial bank.

The company’s signature denim is designed and made in Turkey. Its soft-to-the-hand and hand-modern techniques are combined with a bevy of colors from which to choose. Moreover, the products are a favorite of customers throughout the country who value an excellent fit and superb wearability. Jack of Spades’ jeans can take men from a breakfast meeting to a night on the town and look equally great with a sport shirt and a sport coat — at every single moment of the day!

In addition, the men’s collection has been developed using both sustainable efforts in design and production and continues to be at the forefront of technology. The company strives to create the most up-to-date fabrics providing the ultimate in comfort, while never sacrificing a clean and modern look.

In the end, consumers know they can rely on Jack of Spades’ products to fulfill their lifestyle needs because the company’s philosophy has been – and will always be – consistent. Day after day, year after year, Jack of Spades stands for comfort, individuality, and self-expression of style. Who could ask for anything more?

Find Jack of Spades at the Chicago Collective, Booth 2018.