Japanese Fabrics
by Stephen Garner

Japanese government-related organization Japan External Trade Organization (JETRO) has announced the second installment of the Japan Textile Salon to be held on January 16th (10AM – 6:30PM) and the 17th (10AM-5PM) at The Altman Building (135 West 18th Street) in New York City.

This season, the event will feature discussion panels with Angela Kramer, senior manager of fabric research & development for 3.1 Phillip Lim (to be held January 16th at 2PM) and Scott Morrison of NYC-based luxury denim collection 3×1 (to be held on January 17th at 11am). Morrison and Kramer will discuss the importance and the use of Japanese textiles within both collections. The seminars will be during the event and open to attendees.

The Japan Textile Salon will host 21 textile exhibitors, who will highlight and demonstrate new techniques and the use of fabrications and materials such as high-quality silk, swiss cotton and indigo pile jacquard. Other highlights will be special dyeing techniques (such as bespoke dyeing, rope indigo dyeing, yarn dyeing, etc) unique weaving techniques, selvedge denim woven on old-fashioned power looms and a high-grade silk threading process. As well as premium fabrics made by spun silk using advanced technology.

Through this event, the Japan Textile Salon in NYC provides an opportunity for fashion, design and textile editors along with designs to meet textile companies from Japan, selected from among the world’s top weavers, printing producers, designs studios and manufacturers with R&D capability. All exhibitors bring new ideas to the show in terms of unique craftsmanship, novelty, function, and ecology. To attend, please register here.