Why L.L. Bean’s Bean Boot Is Always Sold Out

by MR Magazine Staff

Bean Boot mania, it seems, will not abate any time soon. This year, however, there is some good news for fans of the unique rubber boot that is celebrated for its weatherproof qualities. While the popular boot from outdoor retailer L.L. Bean is still sold out in popular sizes until next year, the waitlist is currently about 20,000, the company said. That’s down from 50,000 last year and 100,000 the year prior. L.L. Bean spokesperson Mac MacKeever emphasized that the retail stores are better stocked than the website, and many alternative colors and sizes are still available. This year, L.L. Bean says they’re making 3,000 pairs a day and will surpass 600,000 pairs sold this year — a new record. Over the past year, the factories in Maine that make the boots have been working nearly 24/7 — three shifts, six days a week — in an attempt to meet holiday demand. They’ve still fallen short despite their best efforts. Read more at Business Insider.