by Stephen Garner

Lacoste is bringing a sustainable twist to its classic best-selling polo style. The new eco-friendly polo shirt, dubbed “The Loop Polo,” is composed of 30 percent recycled cotton spun together with 70 percent virgin cotton.

The Loop Polo’s ‘closed-loop’ process means no two polos are identical. feature an identifying speckled look in heather gray or midnight Blue options, maintaining its “petit piqué” texture, two-button neckline, short sleeves, and tonal croc camouflage (made from recycled polyester).

Consuming less water but remaining faithful to the crocodile’s modern mindset, the Lacoste Loop Polo opens a new era for the French brand, which joined the Ellen MacArthur Foundation’s “Make Fashion Circular” program in December 2020. Since 2009, this non-profit association has introduced circularity into the worldwide economic agenda by helping fashion brands become greener, with a growing focus on its impact on the planet and those who live in it.

Over the last few decades, rapid changes in the fashion industry have led to increased consumption, with growing concerns of the ecological and social implications. Lacoste and the Ellen MacArthur Foundation’s “Make Fashion Circular” initiative believe in the model’s reinvention as it has reached its limit, thus introducing Durable Elegance. The very concept of Durable Elegance echoes the life of René Lacoste and his vision of movement. This visionary figure foresaw that freeing movement through clothing was a catalyst for encouraging personal fulfillment and fostering a mindset based on freedom and challenges. Lacoste’s products have always been designed to last, and the brand has always been synonymous with elegance across the world. Lacoste believes that elegance is also a way of doing things, a way of being. It enables people to collaborate and find new solutions.

Lacoste’s Loop Polo, which retails for $135, is now available in stores and online.