MDFA Panel of Fashion Editors Gives Promo Advice to Vendors

by MR Magazine Staff

From left to right, Brian Boye of Men’s Health, Ray Smith of the Wall Street Journal, Joseph DeAcetis of Playboy and Stan Williams of Maxim

A panel of fashion directors and editors for major publications, moderated by Karen Alberg Grossman of MR, spoke at the MDFA breakfast seminar on May 16th. They told vendors that the easiest way to get publicity is to stay in touch with them often, preferably by phone or mail.

According to Smith of the Wall Street Journal, his readers are less interested in fashion trends and more in how garments are made and the attributes that make the clothing special and/or luxurious. According to Williams at Maxim, his readers could care less how things are made or how the process impacts the environment; just tell them how they can look like the hottest new rock star.

Interestingly, all panelists responded that the greatest number of reader queries involve how to match shirts and ties and/or how to tie a tie.