Meet the “Dirtbag” Skewering New York’s Hyper-Gentrified Downtown Scene

Over the last few years, the Instagram account Nolita Dirtbag has become moderately notorious for its hyper-specific focus on a particular kind of person: the titular Nolita Dirtbag. The ND can be male or female, young or old, famous or anonymous. What really matters is that they partake of a vibe that is almost unavoidable in 2022: they’re on TikTok, or have considered ordering an espresso martini, or pair their Nike Dunks with trashed Carhartt. The Upside Pizza on the corner of Spring and Mulberry has become one of those spots popular among the crowd Nolita Dirtbag skewers—frequented by people for whom ordering a slice isn’t so much a way of life as it is a small event, something you post about to your Close Friends on Instagram. Which makes it fitting that it’s where the person who runs the account has asked me to meet. I’ve been told to look out for “the dude with the wide pants and the gross mustache,” which is to say: I’m waiting for @NolitaDirtbag, and all I know is that they’re a Nolita Dirtbag, too. Read more at GQ