by Stephen Garner

New brand alert! Introducing d.RT (pronounced “dirt”), a collection of fashion-forward young men’s tailored clothing, tees, joggers, and select accessories.

Founded by fashion-conscious teenager Dylan Robert Thompson, alongside his sister Paula Brunson and her husband, Brian Brunson, the brand aims to speak to an often-overlooked demographic.

The trio also noticed a lack of peer influence outside of celebrity, sports, and entertainment; so, they began questioning the current role models in space. Thompson also saw the need for a collection that provides a youthful, yet sophisticated, approach to dressing young men. In our current cultural climate, Thompson questioned who was addressing the next generation of men – from how they dress, as well as grooming and other topics relevant to a teenage boy. d.RT looks to target young men who do not prefer or relate to the offerings in the “boys” section, and find it is too difficult to fit into men’s.

To the young brand, innovation was key when designing a collection that can withstand a teenage boy’s life. The team worked tirelessly to create a product that could grow with rapidly growing teenagers. For example, a signature suit jacket features a whip stitch hem for adjustable sleeve length. A pant contains a loop and button system for adjustable pant hem. Fabrics are also an important part of the collection offerings, including tailored products that are washable, along more casual pieces such as tees and joggers, with accessories.

The collection ranges between $50 to $200 per piece, and is available in the U.S. and Canada.