by Stephen Garner

As the world grapples with new stay-at-home orders and evolving pandemic-fashion trends, Eli Caner (founder of Lady and Butler), Tanya Amini (president of Lady and Butler), and Bonnie Poon (CEO of Golden Times Group Limited) have teamed up to launch their new venture, Better Off Alone (BOA).

The new line of fashionable protective clothing is a gender-neutral collection of machine-washable travel kits, masks, cover-ups, and children’s gear made with antimicrobial, breathable, and biodegradable fabrics.

The brand has committed its efforts to reduce the need for single-use PPE by sourcing fabrics that are biodegradable and designing a collection suited for everyday wear or travel. Each garment is made with ethically-sourced, 100 percent Egyptian cotton fabric that is treated with non-toxic, Silverplus antimicrobial technology tested and certified to block and greatly reduce surface contamination of microorganisms so you can step out of your home with an added layer of security.

Industry veterans, Eli Caner and Tanya Amini of Lady and Butler have built a successful global uniform company by focusing on bridging the gap between form and function, with clients including Equinox Hotels, Four Seasons, Museum of Ice Cream, Via Carota, and more. With the onslaught of the pandemic in early 2020, and demand from their hospitality partners became urgent, the two looked to long-time manufacturer and consultant, Bonnie Poon to join forces in creating a fashion brand that considered four key factors: fashion, protection, comfort, and environment.

“We wanted to be a part of carrying fashion into the future and that’s exactly what we did with Better Off Alone,” said Amini and Caner in a joint statement. “We are incredibly proud that we remained rooted to our core beliefs of designing beautiful garments with the highest quality fabrics, and then pushing ourselves further by layering in essential elements that meet this cultural moment.”

Poon added, “2020 has been the year of conscious consumerism, meaning that we can produce quality fashion without overlooking the humanitarian and environmental impact. At BOA, we understand that the well-being of our community doesn’t come at a cost: It’s an all-encompassing ecosystem that can make a lasting impact and I’m so proud to be part of this industry shift.”

As part of the company’s ongoing efforts to holistically protect the health and well-being of our community, BOA has partnered with Hong Kong Equal Marriage, an LBGTQ+ organization dedicated to the fair treatment of same-sex couples, and ImpactHK, a non-profit working to provide shelter, food, and essential services to the homeless.