D’Oz Homme
by Brian Lipton

D’Oz HommeThe German-based jewelry label, D’Oz Homme, isn’t exactly new: it was founded in 1996 by stylists Karl Brodel and Eduardo Hernandez, and over the past three decades it has not only sold goods under its own name, but the pair has designed private-label pieces for numerous world-famous brands.

However, after a long absence on U.S. shores, the line re-emerged last month at PROJECT, where many retailers were taken with these beautiful silver pieces. Divided into three separate collections, “69 Collectibles” ($30-$450); Premier ($325-$375), and “Argent” ($125-2,200), D’Oz Homme’s extensive line features rings, bracelets, key chains, collars and more, all of which makes great use of inlaid French leather, piton beadwork, ceramics, rubber and holistic stones to create pieces that are both gorgeously functional and truly artistic.

“Every season, we create new jewelry art-pieces for the cosmopolitan and stylish man.  We’re always trying to find a perfect synthesis between actual trends and masculinity,” says Brodel.”I used to wear jeans, a T-shirt and a shiny black leather jacket, but I felt the need to wear a little something extra that would underline my individuality. But there was nothing on the market then, so we had to create it.”

D’Oz HommeIn fact, Brodel simply believes he’s carrying on a centuries-old tradition of making men look better. “If you take a look back to the ancients, there was always a need for adornment and jewelry. This instinct goes back as far as the cavemen era and may be found in all race and cultures. Unfortunately, somewhere along the line, most men lost the feeling for it,” he asserts.

“But now I think men are beginning to realize, once again that accessories and jewelry are absolutely essential,” continues Brodel. “In fact, we have noticed increasing interest from our younger customers Hardly a teenager leaves the house today without wearing a chain around his neck or a bracelet around his wrist, even if it’s just a cotton strap. And older men are more likely to make sure they’re wearing a nice watch or cuff links. So little by little we are recovering our roots and we want to be part of this movement.”