by Stephen Garner

Men's Wearhouse Prom

Men’s Wearhouse has partnered with Snapchat and rising teenage digital media star Brent Rivera to help celebrate its original ‘holiday’ National Promposal Day on Friday, March 11. On this day, high school students across North America can celebrate their creativity by sharing their unique and often elaborate proposals to ask each other to prom.

Men’s Wearhouse worked with Snapchat to create a custom filter that will be geo-fenced to over 18,000 high schools across the United States and Canada. Exclusively available on March 11, this filter will give students another opportunity to celebrate the day and ask the all-important question “Will you go to prom with me?” Students who participate in National Promposal Day are encouraged to share their epic promposal experiences throughout social media by using the hashtag #NationalPromposalDay.

Men’s Wearhouse has also teamed up with teen social media star and content creator, Brent Rivera, to help him pull off his ultimate promposal. Rivera, best known on Vine and YouTube, exploded across multiple social media platforms with his comedic style of acting and role playing. Brent’s #MyUltimatePromposal video will document his promposal to his high school senior prom date, and will debut on his YouTube channel on March 11 to celebrate National Promposal Day.

Brent Rivera
Brent Rivera

“Going to prom is the highlight of our year, but pulling off an epic promposal is part of the fun,” says Rivera.

In addition to sponsoring National Promposal Day, Men’s Wearhouse has announced its 7th year of the Prom Rep Challenge. This program rewards hard-working teens by giving them the opportunity to earn points and prizes for each formalwear rental referral they provide. Eligible teens can sign up for the Men’s Wearhouse Prom Rep Challenge where they can earn Instant Reward gift cards, a free tuxedo rental or suit, and cash prizes including a grand prize of $25,000.