Men’s Wearhouse CTO on 3 Mentors Who Helped Him ‘Push the Boundaries of What I Thought I Could Do’

Scott Vifquain is Chief Technology Officer at Tailored Brands, where he was hired in 2021 to help turn things around through the use of improved technology. The men’s clothing retailer — including Men’s Wearhouse and Jos. A Bank — was reeling after it declared Chapter 11 bankruptcy amid the pandemic.

Vifquain explains to CO— how three informal mentorships gave him professional self-confidence that he never imagined possible. He also shares how these mentorships each played a unique role in helping him to reinvent Tailored Brands, which exited bankruptcy in December 2020, as a leading-edge tech retailer in men’s clothing at a time it so desperately needed change. Read more at U.S.

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