by Stephen Garner

Emerging social media platform MeSpoke said this week that it has received an official patent from the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) that protects the core technology for its platform that empowers users to create their own commercial marketplace using their own created content.

MeSpoke’s now exclusively protected platform allows users to create their own content with embedded hashtags and share them with other users on the platform while the company’s backend algorithm assigns points to content owners depending on the type of interaction other users have with the embedded hashtags. The accrued points can then be converted to all types of brand/retailer-specific promotions, discounts, etc., for the content creators.

“The timing of the validation bestowed upon MeSpoke by the USPTO aligns perfectly with the emerging user privacy-focused web 3.0.,” said Sid K. Hasan, founder and CEO of MeSpoke. “Web 3.0 strips advertisers of their fundamental tool, the ability to track users’ online footprint to serve them with targeted content and advertisements. Apple’s recently announced iOS 14.0 puts users in charge of which applications can track their online activity. A feature estimated to disrupt the multi-billion-dollar advertisement industry, sending advertisers scrambling to find new ways of reaching their audience.”

MeSpoke is now well-positioned to fill the gap for retailers and brands and provide them with a completely new avenue to reach users far beyond what they can reach now using limited social influencers and online advertisements.

“If you think about it, MeSpoke prides itself in making available a platform that puts users first and allows them to reap the benefit of their own created content,” added Sid. “However, at the same time, MeSpoke allows brands and retailers to reach and develop a loyal base of customers more effectively through everyday users championing their products and brand with no capital investment. In other words, MeSpoke is presenting both sides with a win-win solution.”