MFDA Begins Celebrity Tie Auction

by MR Magazine Staff

NEW YORK – The Men’s Dress Furnishings Association Monday began an Internet-based ten-day auction for a collector tie autographed by baseball Hall of Famer and career home run leader Hank Aaron.

Proceeds from the auction will benefit Career Gear, the philanthropic group that provides apparel for disadvantaged men reentering the job market.

Information about the auction and the tie (see below) is available on MDFA’s Web site at Those interested in participating can link to the eBay site hosting the auction.

MDFA commissioned a limited edition necktie in 1974, when Aaron hit his 715th career homer and broke Babe Ruth’s longstanding record. Only 715 ties were produced, each of them numbered, and they were distributed to members of Aaron’s team, the Atlanta Braves, and members of the sports press.

Aaron autographed the tie being auctioned.

“We anticipate this tie will be very desirable,” said Gerald Andersen, executive director of MDFA, “since it will appeal to both sports collectors and tie collectors.”

The auction will become a regular feature on the MDFA page. The second auction will be for a tie autographed by Donald Trump.