by John Russel Jones

We all have our favorite vampire movie. Maybe it’s the romantic “Twilight” saga, the operatic “Interview with a Vampire,” or the jaded “Only Lovers Left Alive.” Count me in for director Joel Schumacher’s 1987 classic coming-of-age story, “The Lost Boys.” Then heartthrob Jason Patric plays new kid in town Michael who, with his little brother Sam (Corey Haim) and his mother — in an epic performance by Dianne Weist — move to the creepy seaside city of Santa Clara in Southern California – which just happens to be overrun by vampires. It’s a perfect combination of teen angst, supernatural creepiness, and family comedy.

Well, keep an eye on those milk cartons, folks, because streetwear label Midnight Studios’ creative director Shane Gonzales (Forbes 30 Under 30, Hypebeast 100) has launched a collaborative collection with the movie. The capsule includes a reconstructed moto tote bag, the Vamp Trucker Jacket, and the Star Wide Leg Lounge Pants, all featuring the graphic language and overall themes of the film.

The collection is available on midnightstudios.live with prices ranging from $65 to $250. Just call us “Team Kiefer.”