Mr. Porter to Launch Kingsman Collection Ahead of Film

by Harry Sheff

KINGSMAN POSTERJust weeks after the trailer for the British spy thriller Kingsman: The Secret Service hit the Internet, online retailer Mr. Porter announces that it will launch a 60-piece menswear collection based on the film’s tailored costumes—and that collection will debut before the movie reaches theaters. The idea, says Mr. Porter, is that moviegoers will actually be able to buy clothing from the movie while they watch it in theaters.

The Kingsman label, exclusive to Mr. Porter, launches in September and the movie, which is based on a comic book, premiers in October.

Kingsman, directed by Matthew Vaughn (Kick Ass, 2010; X Men: First Class, 2011), stars Taron Egerton as a young petty criminal plucked from jail by spymaster Colin Firth for an independent secret service whose agents dress in bespoke suits and are armed with clever gadgets. The film also stars Michael Caine and Samuel L. Jackson.

Colin Firth plays a secret agent posing as a Savile Row tailor.
Colin Firth plays a secret agent posing as a Savile Row tailor.

“When we were developing Kingsman: The Secret Service I felt there was an opportunity to develop award-winning costume director Arianne Philips’ brilliant designs into its own label and I believed Mr. Porter would be the perfect partner allowing us both to launch a new brand on a global level,” explained Vaughn. “I wanted to create a classic collection for the stylish man and with Kingsman I’m confident that together we have done exactly that.”

The Kingsman collection will feature tailored clothing created by costume designer Arianne Phillips with the movie’s director and Mr. Porter. Drakes will make ties and pockets squares, Turnbull & Asser will make dress shirts, Mackintosh will make the outerwear, Cutler & Gross the eyewear, George Cleverley the footwear, Swaine Adeney Brigg the bags and umbrellas and watches will be made by Bremont. Most, if not all the collection will be made in England. Retail prices have not been released yet, not have any photos of the collection aside from what’s in the movie trailer.

“This is a hugely significant development for Mr. Porter,” added buying director Toby Bateman. “We are consistently looking to provide the best in men’s style to our global customers and visitors and the Kingsman label combines the traditional precision of Savile Row tailoring with a modern silhouette. We have worked with the best in class for each product category to develop this collection. Men’s style has always been inspired by the look of leading men in film but this is the first time that the costumes for a movie have been conceived with the idea of selling those clothes to the film’s audience. You could literally be sitting in the cinema watching this film and shopping the looks from your mobile device or tablet as you watch.”

The trailer for Kingsman is embedded below.