My 15 Seconds of Fame

by Harry Sheff

I figure Warhol’s worn-out quote that “in the future, everyone will be famous for 15 minutes” can be edited down to 15 seconds of MTV time. But can somebody please explain to me how famous people get anything done?

I thought that having cameras follow us around at MAGIC might be intrusive – like if we walked into a booth to look at a collection, sure, I figured, some people might clam up – but I figured we’d still proceed at a steady pace, see as much as we could, and get through the day, same as always. It never occurred to me that a bulky, handheld camera, big, fuzzy microphone and crew dressed in MTV T-shirts would make people crazy! The Platform and High 5 areas looked like feeding time in the shark tank when we cruised through.

MTV meets MR: Krishnar and John

And who knew that so many vendors out there were so well “media-trained” and could handle themselves so well on camera? I guess MR Television will be the next step in MR Magazine’s media evolution. (But I think that means we may have to bring Krishnar on staff with us – he was having too much fun being “fashion editor for a day.”)

OK, I’ll admit it – I had a blast. I think the best part was answering MTV viewers’ emailed questions about fashion. It was a chance to really see how well the MR team works together. That, and being interviewed in the swanky, futuristic Sean Jean booth. I still don’t know when any of the footage is to air…but trust me…I’ll put the information here the second I know!

Now I only have one small problem…all my friends are too old to watch MTV!