by Stephen Garner
Nashville Fashion Alliance Dorian Gray
Nashville Fashion Alliance Member Dorian Gray

The Nashville Fashion Alliance (NFA) and Bayer e3 Cotton have announced a strategic partnership to provide additional resources to the Middle Tennessee region’s emerging fashion companies.

The partnership will include underwriting for the NFA regional economic impact study launched this week, support for educational programming for NFA members, and industry expertise and resources to assist regional brands to accelerate their businesses.

“Having a national partner in Bayer e3 Cotton speaks to the importance and resonance of our mission: to incubate and accelerate emerging fashion companies throughout the entire fashion industry eco-system in our region,” said Van Tucker, CEO of the Nashville Fashion Alliance. “This partnership will not only allow us to attract and recruit additional resources through our economic impact study, but Bayer’s industry expertise will be invaluable as we seek to expand supply chain options for our brands and create jobs in the region.”

Dorian Gray
A look from Dorian Gray

“As education and transparency are a large part of the e3 sustainable cotton program, Bayer is proud to partner with the Nashville Fashion Alliance,” said Brent Crossland, Cotton Operations & Fiber Development Manager for Bayer. “Working with an emerging fashion leader such as the NFA will continue to provide us with important insight into the value chain and consumer needs.”

The economic impact study will be completed in three phases: an industry profile of the fashion industry in the region; a review of industry trends and strategies; and the presentation of a working plan for accomplishing the NFA mission to help incubate and accelerate fashion companies through infrastructure enhancements. Joining Bayer as underwriters of the study are the Tennessee Valley Authority and the Nashville Convention & Visitors Corporation.

The NFA encourages participation from any enterprise involved in the fashion industry eco-system. All information provided is confidential and will only be reported in aggregate by Gherzi in their final report due for publication this fall.