by William Buckley

Despite some fairly prominent distraction in the form of rock group Prayers, the Rochambeau collection took center stage. The live performance was certainly a spectacle, and the rock duo, Dave Parley and Rafael Reyes, who is apparently widely credited with creating the Cholo-goth movement, were an interesting twist on the regular musical accompaniments for runway shows, largely confined to either a DJ, or in some less regular cases, live classical or acoustic music. What I can best describe as a latino-influenced fusion of death metal and dubstep and the men performing it seemed to slightly intimidate the prettier models walking passed, but overall the collection spoke for itself. Lightweight and contemporary, many of the fabrics appeared to be technical, some with a sort of iridescence that, with the heavy streetwear influence, appeared masculine and wearable. The color palette was largely neutral, black and white, with strong blues and a pink story that sat comfortably amongst the rest of the collection. Joshua Cooper and Lawrence Chandler, the designers and founders of the brand have been building it for nearly 12 years, continue to evolve and refine their aesthetic, with some strong sartorial pieces expertly merchandised among the bomber jackets, knits, hoodies, and some expert interpretations of the jumpsuit.

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