Odell Beckham Jr. On His Candy Habit And The Phone Charger He Can’t Live Without

by MR Magazine Staff

When Odell Beckham Jr. really likes something, he keeps it on his person at all times—no matter what he’s doing. Back in June, during a practice with the Browns, he wore a Richard Mille watch worth nearly $200,000. And during actual games, Beckham Jr. leaves his custom gold chain—featuring a pendant molded from his late dog’s paw—around his neck through all the blazing slant routes and acrobatic catches. Is he ever worried about losing it on the field? “Nah,” he smirks. “Nobody snatching my chain.” We’re guessing the three-time Pro Bowler isn’t stuffing his pads with his favorite cologne, phone charger, and playing cards, but he waxed poetic to us about those items—along with the rest of his everyday essentials—all the same. Watch the video below for Beckham Jr.’s complete list of must-haves. Read more at GQ.