by Stephen Garner

Ones-to-Watch-416-Charm-SchoolCartographyDuring his days as a roadie for singer/songwriter Rufus Wainwright, Cartography founder and designer Mark Peddigrew would spend his free time at antiques stores and flea markets gathering charms, which he would later place on necklace chains and give to friends and relatives upon his return.

In 2011, Peddigrew’s hobby suddenly turned into a business. “I was back home in New York, working out at the gym when someone noticed one of my pieces around my neck,” says Peddigrew. “It turns out that he worked at Neiman Marcus. Three months later I was in Dallas having a meeting with the team, and they placed an order.”

Today, Peddigrew has a wide-spanning collection of jewelry, from bracelets to tie clips, that retail anywhere from $69 to $3,500. “These days, I am going after more local and specialty store business,” says Peddigrew. “I do well in stores like Ron Herman in LA, Fred Segal in Las Vegas, Wanderlista in Miami and Wild Fang in Portland, Oregon.”

While all of his collections have a back-story, Peddigrew’s new spring/summer collection entitled “Weapon of Choice” is an homage to his days as a roadie. “Being able to tell a story is the core of what I do, so it’s important to me to produce a collection that has a dialogue behind it,” says Peddigrew. “This new collection is filled with music-related items that tell the story of my love for music and my days on the road. I’ve seen a lot and this is just the beginning.”