Good Man Brand
by Stephen Garner

Ones-to-Watch-Solid-FoundationGood Man BrandGood Man Brand was founded in March 2015 by four partners: Tom Bonomo, Dean Holly, Scott Bonomo and NFL star Russell Wilson. In its first season, Good Man Brand launched in the top 15 doors at Nordstrom and Trunk Club, and in 60 of the finest specialty stores nationwide.

“The brand’s primary focus is to compete as an entry-level lifestyle luxury brand with a strong focus on the millennial demographic,” says Scott Bonomo, co-founder and president of Good Man Brand. “Our core mission is to incorporate comfort into every product we manufacture and position the brand within the inner circle of the men’s modern contemporary market. The modern consumer is looking for relevant, comfortable fashion that fits both him and his busy life ― products that are versatile and high-quality at a great value.”

With Alex Navarro and his team at Synergy Showroom leading the sales for the brand, Bonomo insists that this is only the beginning. “We are sold in some of the finest stores in America, and the Synergy Showroom team spends time with many of these teams to ensure that the selling staffs have intimate knowledge about Good Man Brand,” he says. “These relationships create selling confidence, and that confidence ultimately creates engagement and conversion when a product is the ‘right’ fit. Strategically, it’s about loving the customer ― and simply put, Alex and the Synergy team are hands down the very best at loving the customer.”

But Good Man Brand isn’t just out to make money; Wilson insists that the brand is focused on paying it forward. With every item sold to each retailer, Good Man Brand is donating three dollars to the Why Not You Foundation.

“One thing I’ve learned is that small changes really do add up,” says Wilson. “It’s true with training and practicing. It’s been true with the Why Not You Foundation—we take on these huge issues, one person at a time. And I think it’ll be true with Good Man Brand. When you look and feel good, you’re ready to do good. Three bucks at a time may not seem like much, but those donations are going to add up fast, and we’re going to make a real difference in kids’ lives. If enough people start thinking this way, we can change the world. I really believe that.”