by Stephen Garner

Hugo Boss has tapped actor Orlando Bloom as its new Boss eyewear ambassador for 2020.

He will appear in the brand’s new spring/summer 2020 eyewear campaign that will go live in February.

The actor’s first campaign opens with Bloom saying, “Everybody has a story to tell.” Shot by Matthew Brookes, this campaign is a fusion of pop color, effortless cool, and endless possibilities, with Bloom bringing a laid-back, playful approach to the modern frames in the spring/summer 2020 collection.

“Eyewear has always been an integral part of an outfit for me,” said Bloom, “Whether you’re going for a bold look or something more relaxed, your eyewear should reflect the way you are dressed, and the way you feel. The BOSS brand understands the desire to look good without compromising on comfort or individual style, which is something that resonates with me.”