Outta the Park

by Elise Diamantini

Picture this: A man logs on to his computer. He chats with his personal stylist via Skype about his current style, apparel items that he already owns and what he might want or need. Based on his responses and her expertise she sends him a box filled with a couple of complete outfits. He “meets” with his stylist again, tries on the clothes for her (off camera, of course!) and together they decide what works and what doesn’t. He keeps, and is only charged for what he likes, and sends back what he doesn’t (shipping free of charge). It sounds too good to be true, right? Well Hendricks Park, based in Oregon with stylists nationwide, is offering this service to make it a reality.

Lisa Bruckner (pictured) and Manoj Dadlani launched the site earlier this year because, as Bruckner puts it, “Most guys would rather have a root canal than go shopping. And those who have the money to spend usually have the least amount of time. We make buying clothes fun and convenient for them.” Stylists can help customers clean out their closets, choose outfits for special events, day-to-day wear or plan ahead for trips without ever leaving their home or office.

Bruckner is always shopping the market to find “man essentials with a twist” and currently works with about 50 vendors, although Hendricks Park doesn’t stock merchandise like most brick-and-mortars do. She describes the strategy as a hybrid between inventory and just-in-time, and especially likes to work with vendors who have healthy in-stock programs. Best selling brands include Zachary Prell, Jeremy Argyle and Agave denim. For more info check out, hendrickspark.com.