Owner Of Conservative Apparel Brand Fined $200,000 For Falsely Claiming Products Are Made In The Usa

Lions Not Sheep removed tags saying shirts were made in China and other countries from May to October 2021 and replaced them with “Made in USA” tags, according to the FTC.

The owner of a conservative apparel company was fined more than $200,000 by the Federal Trade Commission for replacing “made in China” tags with “made in the USA” tags on clothing.

The FTC acted against Lions Not Sheep Products LLC owner Sean Whalen after he posted a video on social media titled “MADE IN AMERICA!” in which he said “he could conceal the fact that his shirts are made in China by ripping out the original tags and replacing them with tags stating that the merchandise was made in the United States,” the FTC said in a statement. Read more  at NBCNews.