Perry Ellis International Solar Panel Install
by Stephen Garner

Perry Ellis International (PEI) has completed a new 2,432-panel rooftop solar installation atop one of the company’s largest distribution centers, which is located in Seneca, South Carolina. Constructed on an 83,000 square-foot roof of the 350,000 square-foot facility, the installation marks a significant milestone in the company’s commitment to reducing its carbon footprint and its ongoing sustainability mission.

Con Edison Solutions, a leading national energy services company and subsidiary of Con Edison Clean Energy Businesses, designed and installed the solar system for Perry Ellis International. The site is expected to generate approximately 1.15 GWh of energy annually, offsetting a significant portion of the distribution center’s energy needs with clean, renewable solar power. Launched as a pilot program, this new solar installation will help direct future alternative energy initiatives for PEI.

“As a global fashion company with offices and production facilities around the world, we are placing an ever-growing focus on sustainable facets of our operation,” said Oscar Feldenkreis, president and CEO and of PEI. “While the industry as a whole has made some great strides, it is important to keep the momentum going to bring about positive change. This is our first major solar power installation and serves as a launch pad for additional initiatives in renewable energy and company-wide Corporate Social Responsibility programs. Supporting our company’s commitment to education, Perry Ellis International has partnered with the Hamilton Career Center, a local vocational technical school, within the school district of Oconee County. The goal is to work with students to develop innovative ideas pertaining to robotics, automation and industrial controls, as well as internship and employment opportunities.”

“South Carolina has embraced the environmental and cost saving benefits of solar power,” added Mark Noyes, president and CEO of Con Edison Clean Energy Businesses. “Together with Perry Ellis International, we worked to transform 83,000 square-feet of previously-unused rooftop space into a renewable energy power plant that will save the company in energy costs while reducing its environmental footprint.”