by Karen Alberg Grossman

MR: Tell us about this relatively new collection.

JD: We’re big believers in maintaining affordable prices: polos retail from $110- $149, underwear (packet of 3) retails at $35.00, denim is $225. Runway collection pieces with hand-painting and individualized craftsmanship can range from $250-$1500. At present, the distribution is DTC on but we’re planning to add a wholesale component in the near future.

ABOVE AND ALL IMAGES: The collection was photographed in Kennebunkport, Maine by Macrae Marran. The model is middleweight boxer Brian Ceballo (@brianceballo). 

MR: What makes the collection special/different from what’s already out there?

JD: POTRO stands apart because it evokes emotion, self-improvement, heritage, and modernity. The runway collection and advertising campaign reflect bold Latino pride; the apparel is decorated with painted flags, war medals, and heritage designs.

The SS ‘23 POTRO collection is an expression of a culture rich in American heritage, of a community with a shared vision. It evokes strong feelings of pride, with a specific language tailored to new challenges. POTRO in Spanish is a male colt, the perfect symbol of exploration, of seeking out new territory, of finding space to explore for generations to come.

MR: What have you learned from your years in the men’s fashion industry?

JD: I come from an artistic background, and it’s been a challenge to translate my creative vision to the marketing side of things. In the past, I did my best to break the rules: in my art direction and styling, even in my writing. I worked for various lifestyle magazines, each with its own fashion editorial strategies. We worked on fixing aesthetic issues and finding creative solutions to problems. When a team can rally together for change and continue to evolve, it becomes exciting. When I started my career in menswear, no one would have dreamed of the changes to come. Once again, the industry is ripe for change, allowing POTRO to express itself creatively in forward-thinking ways.

It’s a different approach, and not without challenges, but the energy is helping create a new brand for a new generation.