Retail Brands Scramble To Expand Into New Online Marketplaces, But Amazon Still Wins On Growth Features

Amazon this week became the whipping boy of anti-competitive retail practices at the U.S. House Subcommittee Antitrust hearing. Brands are frustrated with Amazon using their sales data against them, the proliferation of counterfeits, and the ‘walled garden’ that make it hard for brands to understand customer behavior across an increasingly fragmented buying journey. But despite the many challenges that brands face in selling on the Amazon marketplace or to Amazon as a vendor, it is still the place where the majority of e-commerce transactions occur. Analysis from eMarketer shows that Amazon commands 38% of e-commerce sales. A study by Civicscience in June 2019 found that almost half of U.S. internet users typically start their search on Amazon when shopping for a product online. Read more at Forbes.