Blue Suede Is Menswear’s Favorite New Material. Here Are 7 Ways to Wear It This Fall.

by MR Magazine Staff

The last time blue suede felt as ubiquitous as it does right now, Elvis was still topping the charts. But this fall, a litany of designers have elevated the material from shoe-level to outerwear; Everyone from the N.Y.C.-based custom maker Stoffa to Italian stalwarts such as Brioni and Isaia offering layers that’ll keep you warm and looking, well, cool. It’s another case of menswear’s penchant for simultaneous invention, and given the stellar results, it’s one we don’t mind. After all, these layers have all the warmth of leather, the textural softness of cashmere, and because they’re effectively neutral, you can wear them with anything from your favorite jeans to gray flannel trousers. Who cares if you and three other guys show up to the bar wearing similar gear when it looks as good as the luxurious options below? Read more at Robb Report.

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