by John Russel Jones

Like the song says, “Since I made it here, I can make it anywhere, yeah, they love me everywhere… There’s nothin’ you can’t do…Now you’re in New York….” Kith founder and CEO Ronnie Fieg must be seriously feeling that Empire State of mind now that the New York Knicks have named him the NBA team’s first-ever Creative Director. This new role will see Fieg take on new responsibilities with the team and will focus on building a community around the international brand. He will also develop an in-house line of products and oversee extenuating creative around the team. This special announcement culminated with Kith Night, an experience hosted at Madison Square Garden on Friday, November 11th when the team debuted the Kith-designed 2022-2023 City Edition Uniforms and City Edition Court.

Fieg was born-and-raised in Queens, NY, as a diehard Knicks fan. His love for the team dates to his childhood, attending games with his father from as early as he can remember. In 2020, Fieg’s brand, Kith, launched its first partnership with the Knicks as the duo created a collaborative apparel collection. This was also the first year that Kith and Fieg designed the team’s City Edition Uniform. The following year, Kith and the Knicks reprised their partnership both on and off the court with a 2021 partnership that saw a new collection, a new City Edition Uniform, a newly designed court at MSG, as well as a refurbished playground court in Queens. These collaborations set the foundation for Fieg’s appointment to Creative Director.

“The opportunity came about a few seasons into designing the City Edition uniforms and the growing relationship between myself and their marketing team. I think they saw the passion I have for the team and wanted to evolve what we’ve been doing with Kith into something more. Long conversations about what the Knicks mean to the League and to the world helped shape the opportunity to really do some special things,” says Fieg. “I think the immediate work calls for consistency in how you view the Knicks as a brand and to help grow that to more of a global identity in the long run. I feel that many people love the team, and it’s going to be my responsibility that they also all love the brand the same way I do.”

“When Ronnie created his first Knicks City Edition Uniform during the 2020-21 season, the organization knew we had something special, and each year’s design has been more innovative than the last. We are honored to have him join the Knicks as Creative Director,” said David Hopkinson, President & CCO, Madison Square Garden Sports Corp. “Ronnie’s position will help provide a distinctive look and feel across marketing, content and merchandise initiatives. Given Ronnie’s life-long Knicks fandom, creative vision, and New York City roots, we are extremely excited for our continued and expanded collaboration.”

To celebrate this moment, Kith and the Knicks hosted a special experience last Friday when the Knicks played the Detroit Pistons at Madison Square Garden, debuting the Kith-designed 2022-2023 City Edition Uniforms and new court. This year’s City Edition Uniform takes inspiration from the 1999-2003 Knicks uniform, thus bridging the gap between past and present. Before the game begins, the Kith for Knicks collection was available for purchase with the launch of a one day only special pop-up inside Chase Square at Madison Square Garden. The collection was released to the public release on Saturday, November 12th.

Upon entry to the event, every fan was gifted a copy of the Kith for SLAM Commemorative Knicks Magazine, and a collaborative towel created with the Knicks and Stella Artois on their seat. Concession stands throughout the arena served beverages in co-branded Kith for Knicks cups, and Kith Treats served the Fiegster ice cream special to select seats. During breaks in the game, tees from the collection were launched into the stands.

The Kith for New York Knicks 2022 adult and kids collections is available at all Kith shops, on, and on the Kith App.