Saxx Underwear features a comfortable, patented BallPark Pouch.
by John Russel Jones

This is truly March madness.

Cutting down the nets during March’s college basketball tournament is a time-honored tradition, but as it turns out that’s not the only thing getting snipped this time of year: A recent WebMD report quoted a study that shows a 30% uptick in vasectomies during the first week of the tournament as compared to an average week as thousands of men strategically plan their recovery time for a weekend of non-stop basketball viewing action.

To help make vasectomy season a little easier, SAXX Underwear has created the world’s first vasectomy registry as a way to celebrate the surgery. SAXX is commonly recommended by urologists post-vasectomy because of its patented BallPark Pouch, a hammock-shaped compartment built into every pair of underwear that’s designed to provide friction-free support below the belt.

“When it comes to comfort and support for your balls, it doesn’t get any better than SAXX underwear,” said Dr. Joshua Gonzalez, a board-certified urologist based in Los Angeles. “Vasectomy appointments during the week leading up to the tournament are always booked up months in advance – and this year is no different. For anyone getting a vasectomy this time of year, grab an ice pack, toss on a pair of SAXX underwear and you’ll be set.”

Through the VaSAXXtomy Registry, friends and family can give the gift of SAXX underwear, sweatpants, t-shirts, hoodies and other loungewear so the patient can recover in comfort. The registry will remain open indefinitely for future vasectomy recipients.

Customers are invited to create their SAXX VaSAXXtomy registry on its website. Once registered, they can select a free premium gift, which is unlocked once a certain dollar amount threshold is met. Participants are, of course, invited to share the link directly with friends and family who can then purchase SAXX products. 

Registrants earn a free ice pack upon the first order placed and, once a qualifying registry is closed, will receive a premium gift based on the amount of money friends and family have spent. Gift options include items that are intended to make recovery on the couch more enjoyable like a grabber tool, an insulated tumbler mug, a food delivery gift card, a massage gun, a virtual reality headset, a mini fridge, a video doorbell and more.

New creative for the VaSAXXtomy Registry conveys that getting snipped is a gentlemanly thing to do. It shouldn’t be a somber occasion but instead a time to celebrate. A video spot features college and professional basketball legend Carlos Boozer as the Gentleman, while actress Nina Bergman plays the role of the Ball Connoisseur. Produced by Quality Meats, the creative will run online and on social media, as well as air on TV in Dallas and Miami.