Small Retailers Seize On Trump’s Unpopularity—And Strike Gold

by MR Magazine Staff

Donald Trump ran on an ambitious platform vowing to return jobs to U.S. citizens, but we doubt he had this in mind: Independent retailers are capitalizing on the president’s record low approval ratings to sell creative, inspiring, and oftentimes humorous anti-Trump merchandise. From politically charged fashion to scented candles that really do stink, a #Resistance economy is growing strong. “I didn’t really have dreams of doing political sweaters,” admits Rachelle Hruska MacPherson. MacPherson is the founder of Lingua Franca, a New York City-based fashion line of embroidered cashmere sweaters that sell for $360 at high-end retailers like Saks and Net-a-Porter. The tops feature phrases like “Original Gangsta” and “Old School,” items that were bought by stars like Leonardo DiCaprio and Christy Turlington. It was a modest side business for the entrepreneur, who also runs the media company But with the election of Trump, Lingua Franca—which means “a common language”—took a sharp sartorial turn. MacPherson employs more than 30 immigrants, and her husband is half Mexican. The President’s anti-immigration rhetoric hit home. It became personal, and with that, her idea of a common language morphed into something else. Read more at Fast Company.