So You Bought a Pair of Levi’s. Now What?: How to Wear Blue Jeans Without Looking Basic

Red alert! (Literally.) Timothee Chalamet just wore a red halter top on the red carpet of the Venice Film Festival. Of course, it was Hader Ackerman. And of course, it broke the internet. But before you go trying to replicate this at Clandestino (but if you’re set on getting the look: scour eBay or Depop for “satin halter tops” — you’re welcome), don’t get intimidated. You can still dress like yourself while dressing to impress. All it takes is a pair of Levi’s Jeans.

The state of men’s fashion is ambiguous at best. It used to be simple. Tucked in shirt, shined shoes, and combed hair. Now, none of the rules apply. Read more at Popdust.