by Karen Alberg Grossman

Among the truly revolutionary men’s fashion concepts in recent years, ideas that have had a genuine impact on the menswear business, Stantt’s made-to-measure shirts, trousers, and now sportcoats are high on the list!

According to retailer Andy Mallor in Bloomington, Indiana, who first learned about Stantt at a DLS meeting, “My store, Andrew Davis, was the beta test site for the shirt program, for the trouser program, and this past weekend for the new sportcoat program. The reaction could not have been better. With just five measurements, we were able to put our clients in shirts, trousers, and coats. The try-on coats, designed by Matt Hornbuckle, John Minahan, and Kirk Keel, are as well-designed as the shirts and trousers. We were able to fit everyone, from a size 34 short to a former college offensive lineman. Katie McCarthy was here to introduce the staff to the coat program and to do the fittings. We were very busy selling 57 shirts, 50 pairs of trousers, at 13 coats for a total of 120 items.”

According to McCarthy, Stantt’s national sales director, the launch of the brand’s blazer program has exceeded all expectations. “We previewed the program for stores at market this summer and received a ton of interest; the response was unlike anything we’ve seen. We’ll be launching the program formally and selling to stores at the January/February 2022 shows.”

Suggested retails on the sportscoats range from $348 to $1,048, with most falling in the $398 to $748 range. For launch, fabrics include performance, stretch, knits, cottons, and traditional sportcoat woolens and wool blends. (At the Andrew Davis event, top-selling fabrics were performance, stretch, and knits.) Also interesting, says McCarthy, “Many customers bought both sportscoats and pants so we found ourselves actually selling suits, a very cool moment for us.”

She notes that an easy-to-use selling tool walks customers through all the customization options. “The magic of the Stantt fitting process for shirts and trousers is magnified in the blazer program: it is a fitting experience unlike any other, truly engaging the customer in finding his perfect fit.”

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