What Does The Store Of The Future Look Like?

by MR Magazine Staff

No check-out staff. No queueing. Amazon’s new physical grocery store which enables shoppers to effectively grab and go, stunned consumers and the retail industry alike. So, will robots be serving us in the future, and will there even be a need for a physical store? We asked four experts for their views on the future of bricks-and-mortar shopping. José Neves, founder and chief executive of luxury fashion website Farfetch, which owns London boutique Browns: I’m a believer in physical retail experiences; I always say “fashion isn’t downloadable”. You need the human element – a program or piece of technology won’t provide the full level of care, attention and assistance that a shop assistant or customer service team will give. This interaction and engagement is an essential component of providing a luxury experience. On the other hand, you can’t ignore technology. To succeed we need to strike a balance between the online and offline experience. Read more at The Guardian.