Men's Wearhouse
by Brian Lipton

Men's WearhouseTailored Brands, Inc. owner of Men’s Wearhouse, has created a new video for Veteran’s Day entitled “Operation Tailored Hero,” which spotlights its Awearness Kenneth Cole label and Awear-Tech products. The video features U.S. Army veteran Tony Torres doing a CrossFit workout while wearing an Awearness suit.

A portion of the proceeds of all Awearness Kenneth Cole products sold at Men’s Wearhouse go toward helping veterans transition back into the workforce. Funds are donated to Hire Heroes USA, a Veteran’s transition organization, and Help USA, a housing and supportive services organization to the homeless. In the video, Cole states that the brand has raised over $2 million for these charities since the brand was created. Both collections will continue to generate a one percent contribution from all gross sales of Awearness Kenneth Cole products sold exclusively at Men’s Wearhouse.

The Awearness brand of tailored clothing, dress shirts, sport coats, dress pants, ties, as well as the Awear-Tech line of performance apparel, all incorporate performance fabrics powered by 37.5 technology. Because of this technology, patented active particles remove moisture in the vapor stage, before liquid sweat can form, making these items uniquely comfortable to wear.