by John Russel Jones

Taylor Stitch announced the arrival last Friday of a special capsule of 40 vintage Timex watches in partnership with Heritage 1854, a project dedicated to telling the rich history of the iconic watch brand. As a testament to menswear’s current attachment to all things vintage, the grouping sold out within a few hours.

For over a year, Taylor Stitch has been sourcing the globe with the help and stewardship of Ark Zaydman, head of Heritage 1854 and the foremost expert in all things related to the rich history of Timex. Heritage 1854 (appropriately named after the year the brand was founded—originally as Waterbury Clock Company), is dedicated to celebrating and serving as a resource to a story that now reaches back well over a century. The watches in this collection spanned five decades of original release dates, a testament to Timex’s commitment to quality and everyday dependability.

The Timeless Capsule included some of the most iconic styles from decades past, like the MiUSA Boy Scout, and the Black Max that “looks rugged, acts rugged, and is rugged.” The Mercury 1044 was famously worn by Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Each unique piece in this collection comes with its own story and has proven itself over decades of reliability.

The Timeless Capsule did its best to ensure the condition and operation of every watch in this collection. Each had been professionally serviced with straps and batteries replaced (where applicable or needed.) Prices ranged from $150 to $200, and each piece was one of a kind.