The Clotherie to Continue Under New Owners

by MR Magazine Staff

The Clotherie and two sportswear stores, Bonafide Goods and R & R Surplus, are being acquired from the Eveloff family by Tom Allen and Tom Simon, two of the Phoenix, Ariz. luxury store’s managers. The sale will allow the three stores to continue following the untimely death of Greg Eveloff, the store’s charismatic owner.

Retail One Group, a consulting service launched by Jim Wilson and Ed Scott last June, helped with the deal. It will also be financing inventory and consulting with the store on an ongoing basis.

“The Clotherie is an amazing store, built upon relationships that Greg and his staff including Tom Allen, Tom Simon, Joe Tiseo and head tailor John Antoniadis, cultivated over the years with loyal clientele. The entire team is committed to living up to the expectations of Greg and his wife, Mikki,” commented Retail One’s Scott. “No one can replace Greg, but there is an overwhelming amount of client sentiment in support of continuing his legacy and serving the needs of the Phoenix metropolitan community. We have the right team in place to do that and we know that our vendors and colleagues will support our efforts.”

The Clotherie was founded in 1969 by Jackson LaBaer. Greg Eveloff joined the store in 1977 and was a co-owner with LaBaer before the founder died in 2007 at the age of 75. Eveloff, who was frequently recognized as one of the best men’s specialty retailers in Arizona, was honored by MR Magazine with an Uptown/Downtown Award in 2008.