by Stephen Garner

Retail veteran, and the founder of Texas-based shop Forty Five Ten, Brian Bolke has opened his latest location of The Conservatory concept shop in Yountville, California.

The Conservatory, which debuted its first location in March 2019 with its 7,000 square-foot shop in New York City’s Hudson Yards, has since opened two additional stores in Highland Park Village in Dallas. This newest location in California’s Napa Valley marks The Conservatory’s fourth door.

Located at 6450 Washington Street, this 900 square-foot boutique serves as a gallery for its website,, home to over 175 brands, and 2,000 different products. Categories include men’s and women’s clothing and accessories, jewelry, wellbeing (beauty + treatment, bath + body, and candles + fragrance), and living (decor + objects, books + paper, and gifts). Bolke has curated the assortment especially for the Napa Valley, with its discerning, but laid-back clientele, catering to locals, Bay Area visitors, and an international clientele is drawn to the area famous for its food and wine offerings.

The Conservatory will also welcome 40+ collections that are new and exclusive to the region, including Georg Jensen, Saved Cashmere, Rosetta Getty, Zero Maria Cornejo, Another Tomorrow, Leret and Leret, Salle Privee, Maison d’Etto, Costa Brazil, Votary, Lisa Eisner, Irene Neuwirth, and Metier London. The items on display are constantly being rotated with new items to discover, creating a new experience each time a client visits.

Built on a belief system of “Considered Luxury,” which guides every practice of the brand, Bolke understands the evolving direction of retail. While most others are starting to embrace the tenets of sustainability, slow fashion, and a shared economy, Bolke has been quietly implementing these principles since conceiving The Conservatory almost three years ago, long before they became an urgent wake-up call to the industry.

In COVID-19 times, when consumers may be hesitant to enter physical stores, The Conservatory’s established protocols are ideal. The gallery offers a low touch/high service model featuring visible product tags with thorough descriptions and prices under washable plastic or glass, and Bitly links on all products make item exploration or the ability to purchase later from home seamless.

Bolke notes “We are providing the ultimate luxury in shopping today…plenty of space, plenty of natural light, and the store was designed with a feeling of calm. We want our clients to have a high level of comfort and feel relaxed.”