by John Russel Jones

Online leather jacket seller The Jacket Maker‘s new campaign, #HangOnToIt, celebrates the beauty of reliable, long-lasting connections and the substantiated fact that such bonds — when created, nurtured, and protected — lead to unmatched happiness. The campaign comes to life through a montage of moments in the lives of five individuals, who meet by sheer chance and become inextricable parts of each other’s lives. In this campaign, The Jacket Maker, a vocal proponent of “slowing down” the leather outwear industry, finds inspiration in the steady growth and longevity of friendship.

The campaign video showcases the journey of a group of friends as they go through life together, sharing in the mundane and the special, the scary and the exciting, celebration and loss, creating timeless moments preserved only in memories and photographs. The campaign leaves the viewer with age-old and oft-forgotten wisdom: when you find yourself fortunate enough to be in the company of the reliable, #HangOnToIt.

“The concept of #HangOnToIt is rooted in the conclusions of the longest-running study on adult development by Harvard University, which has found a strong correlation between happiness, fulfillment, healthy lives, and close relationships,” says Syed Obaid, CEO & Co-Founder of the company. “I came across the study back in 2015, and the data-backed findings of this study have been fascinating to me & years down the line, we have tried to translate them into a moving campaign.

“I believe in a time when everything seems disposable, it is more important than ever to revive the art of holding on to people, places, and possessions, because it is the human ability to create rich and meaningful relationships that make life worth living.”