by Stephen Garner

The Kooples has launched its new fall/winter 2020 campaign, called “We are The Kooples”.

For this campaign, the French fashion brand was “inspired by our need to rekindle our personal connections, to re-experience human contact, and to dream,” the company said in a statement.

In this new campaign, the brand also reconnects with the original The Kooples campaigns that made the brand’s launch so memorable. They showcased diverse real-life couples, famous and not, their names, and the amount of time they had been together.

In “We are The Kooples” real-life duos are back, but they are no longer only romantic couples. In this celebration of human connections, we meet lovers Marjan & Sakua, newly married Daanisj & Ayesha, parents Anamaria & Axel, brothers Zacharie & Matthieu, sisters Anania & Gaïa, soulmates Mari-Lou & Youssou and catching a glimpse of their everyday signs of affection. Short videos complete the campaign capturing the duos as they interact: a kiss, a look, a touch, a smile, an anecdote on how they met, or what their bond means to them.

They are featured in twos but also as a group wearing brand’s signature pieces: tailoring for him and her, leather pieces, little black dresses, Japanese denim, and vintage T-shirts. In the dreamy and intimate atmosphere of a Parisian rooftop, this eclectic casting of six duos pays tribute to The Kooples’ original DNA, projecting it into today’s new global vision, marking the beginning of a new era for the company, under new management, artistic direction, and ownership.

French photographer Hugo Comte channels the seductive and vibrant energy of the city, capturing and translating the modern approach of the French brand into contemporary color images for a brighter future.

This is the first campaign styled and conceptualized by Tom Van Dorpe, The Kooples newly-appointed creative director. Van Dorpe was appointed with the responsibility of setting a new global creative vision for The Kooples’ women’s, men’s, and accessories collections by updating the brand’s rebellious yet sophisticated signature style. His first collection for the brand is expected to be revealed at Paris Fashion Week next month.