The Most Common Sales Mistakes

by Steve Pruitt

Q: I understand that Blacks provides sales training along with inventory planning. I’m curious — what are the main mistakes that salespeople make, and how can I help my staff?

StevePruitt-FEATUREDSteve Pruitt: This is an important question. The biggest mistake that salespeople tend to make is that they forget to listen to their customers. Instead of “selling,” they need to really listen to customers so that they can fulfill their needs.

Secondly, they need to learn the sales process. We have identified key steps that lead to a higher level of sales, such as establishing rapport, identifying the need and working within a budget, among others. When you don’t follow a defined sales process, your ability to sell is hit and miss.

Finally, for salespeople to really succeed the store owner needs to manage the sales process and commit to providing support for their team. If you would like to learn more about sales training and how it can help make your business more successful, give us a call.

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