The New Holiday Gift Guide: How Fashion Retailers Are Updating Their Approach For 2020

With the holidays approaching, brands and retailers are starting to put out their annual gift guides. The commonly used marketing tool offers a good entry point for new customers and often works to push existing customers over the line to make a purchase. But this year, the holidays are coming at a very strange time, when much of retail has been heavily disrupted and brands are more reliant on the big spike of holiday sales than ever before. Gift guides are pulling more weight than ever. Accordingly, brands are shifting their approach and sending out guides earlier than usual. “If people come into the store, they don’t want to spend time dawdling and looking around; they want to be in and out,” said Guido Campello, co-CEO of intimates brand Journelle. “The gift guides typically allow for no-friction conversion, and the idea is only going to be more important for people this year. A lot of people are also concerned about costs right now, and gift guides can help them find out about sales early in the season.” Read more at Glossy.