The Pandemic May Be The Greatest Environment For Business Fraud In Decades

Trying to defraud the president of the Association of Certified Fraud Examiners was probably never going to work, and it didn’t. When Bruce Dorris got an email saying, “Your antivirus software is not up to date!” he knew it was a scam. But he was still impressed. “I’m looking at it like, wow, that looks really, really good,” he says. “I know what to look for, so I didn’t bite, but I can think of someone who may look at it and think, ‘I wonder if it’s true?’” Brace for plenty more scams—many of them far more sophisticated. The pandemic has been great for Amazon, Netflix, Peloton, and Zoom and also for a group of entrepreneurs seeking far less attention: corporate fraudsters. We may not know their names yet—except for a few—but we can be certain they’re hard at work, because the pandemic may be the greatest environment for business fraud in decades. Read more at Fortune.