by Brian Lipton

While it often feels like Todd Snyder has his hands in every part of American fashion, you can know have Todd Snyder on your hands – well, at least your wrist. Snyder is entering into a new collaboration with 160-year-old watch brand Timex, entitled Todd Snyder X Timex, that will result in four new styles being released in 2016. Snyder first worked with Timex during his tenure as SVP for menswear at J. Crew.

This latest collaboration will begin with the “Bullseye,” a reimagining of a 1960s-era Timex. “I love the idea fact this is something very utilitarian yet stylish,” says Snyder of the piece, which features a dial which uses military time and a fabric NATO strap that was developed during World War II. The watch will debut later this year and will retail for $150 at Snyder’s stores.

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Timex has also given Snyder the right to sell its Redwing watch, which was previously available only in Japan, and which was seen at Snyder’s recent show at New York Fashion Week: Men’s. Designed by Giorgio Galli, it features a beautiful shoe leather strap, a Timex-made movement, and is available in 38”, 40” and 42″ cases. It will be a welcome addition to most men’s collections. Part of Timex’s Waterbury collection, it will sell from $105-$130 when it is released in the fall.

“I am obsessed with finding the coolest watches, and I first saw this watch about 10 years ago, and now I wish I could have sold it back then,” says Snyder. “It is just such a classic, beautiful timepiece. I consider myself a curator of great designs, and this certainly fits that bill.”