by John Russel Jones

Tracksmith and District Vision launched their first collaboration today: a performance running frame inspired by classic mountaineering frames. Crafted in Japan, the Kazu Tourer combines District Vision’s proprietary eyewear technology with Tracksmith’s signature point-of-view. The result is a versatile, statement-making addition to the runner’s wardrobe.

“We’ve long admired the team at District Vision’s approach to thoughtful design and mindfulness, said Tracksmith founder and CEO, Matt Taylor. “Together, we really wanted to push the limits of performance and aesthetics. The goal was to craft a frame that had real style, while also solving specific running needs. The Kazu Tourer draws from the alpine world – in which focus on the terrain ahead is paramount – and brings that shape and benefit to the runner.”

The Kazu Tourer features strategically ventilated lenses, an inlaid titanium bridge badge, and integrated side shields to mitigate ambient light and glare, allowing the wearer to focus on the terrain ahead. The frames feature a luxurious glossy finish and District Vision’s signature D+ therapeutic grade lenses, constructed from a proprietary shatterproof polycarbonate. The lens interiors are treated with both anti-reflective and oleophobic coatings for holistic eye protection and water aned oil repellency. A fully adjustable and hypoallergenic rubber nose pad and temple tips provide a secure and customizable fit on the run. The Kazu Tourer is available at and District in two styles.

  • –  Tortoise Copper (Polarized) $295: The Tortoise edition of the Kazu Tourer features District Vision’s new D+ Copper lens. Developed especially for this collaboration, D+ Copper is a polarized lens that mitigates reflected light and allows 10.03% of visible light transmission, 6.06% of blue light transmission, and blocks 100% of UVA/UVB rays. The tortoise pattern is applied by hand by the factory in Japan, meaning that no two frames are identical.
  • –  Blue Ice (Non-Polarized): $250 The Glacier edition of the Kazu Tourer features District Vision’s new D+ Blue Ice lens. Developed especially for this collaboration, D+ Blue Ice is a non-polarized lens with a subtle blue mirror coating on the exterior of the lens. D+ Blue Ice allows 23.56% of visible light transmission, 21.03% of blue light transmission, and blocks 100% of UVA/UVB rays.

“In the ‘60s and ‘70s, ‘alpine style’ was a departure from the ‘siege tactics’ of many well-known mountaineering ascents,” notes District Vision. “Where earlier climbing parties relied on small armies of porters, cached gear and supplies, fixed ropes, and government support to complete ascents in the name of national glory, alpine style emphasized self-sufficiency, efficiency of movement in technical terrain, and the ability to exist in solitude on the mountain with everything a climber needed in his or her rucksack. Freed of the trappings and dependencies of traditional ascents, the climber carefully selected tools to aid their ascent – like wrap-around sunglasses that blocked out sun and kept them focused on the terrain.”

For the launch, 3D renderings of the frames by the team at sucuk und bratwurst showcase the frames’ Japanese craftsmanship and outdoor orientation. The frames were tested during the Boston Marathon by top six American finisher Mick Iacofano. The campaign also features clean climbing pioneer Doug Robinson.