by Karen Alberg Grossman

Sometimes it’s the little things that make a big difference. Here, after walking aisle after aisle at MRket Las Vegas, are our Top Ten List of interesting items that could make a big difference in your spring ’16 business:

1010second10. Wearable Art by You + Shirt. These shirts (for both men and women) are true works of art, based on paintings by Ugur Soylu’s wife Amy. With your shirt purchase ($60 cost for $169 suggested retail), you receive a framed print of the painting on which the shirt design was based, and/or poster-sized art for maximum impact

99. Speaking of wearable art, the hand-painted lightweight linen pocket squares out of Italy from Dolce Punta are the nicest we’ve seen. We love the soft colors and the whimsical designs; $25 cost.

88second8. And more wearable art to raise the bar on your formalwear business: fabulous furnishings by Italo Ferretti. We especially love the embroidered lace with Swarovski crystal embellishment in ties, bowties, pocket squares and cummerbunds. (Your grooms and groomsmen will thank you.)

77. Based on the success of these mini-wallets in embossed leathers and synthetics, Tom Garner from Torino is offering them in genuine skins, made in America, at $75 cost. Try them in a basket by the cash register and watch the register ring. (Just be careful they don’t walk away before the register rings…)

66. From Left Coast Tee, famous for their in-stock programs of sophisticated knit basics (e.g. tees in 28 colors): new signage to let your customers know you’re always in business (the idea is to personalize the sign with your store name). Several items in the collection look especially strong, including a 60s two-ply pima pique at $50 cost for a $140 suggested retail.

55. Tired of retailers buying a little of this and a little of that, Andrew from Andrew J is offering to help finance his customers if they do a full impact presentation. Still specializing in beautiful non-iron shirts in 120s and 140s two-ply with upscale detailing at wholesales from $59-$69, the company boasts a full in-stock program (plus they don’t sell direct!)

44. There are many great soft sportcoat collections out there but if you’ve not yet done so, check out Porto Bespoke from John McCoy. Made in Portugal (at prices a good 40 percent lower than comparable goods made in Italy), these coats are crafted from Zegna and Loro Piana fabrics at prices that can’t be beat. A pure linen sexy seven-inch drop softcoat is $139 cost; a half canvas unlined cotton/linen plaid is $245 for a $695 suggested retail.

33. The single hottest trend of the season has got to be linen shirts as American men final start to understand and appreciate this ancient/modern fabric. You’ll find gorgeous designs in linen at Age of Wisdom, where Allison Basile says this fabric is actually outselling cotton for spring ’16. Check out her contemporary linen offerings at $42.50 for a suggested retail of $125.

22. Another up-and-coming trend direct from Europe: banded collar shirts. Matt Totillo at Options has them in fabrics from linen to oxford cloth to vintage chambray stripes, most to retail from $110-$125.

11. The accessory that distinguishes “dressed” from “well-dressed”? A perfect spring/summer scarf! Although Teresa from Chelsey Imports admits she got into the business by accident, it’s her incredible taste level and, with her husband Joseph, the personalized attention given to each and every account that has propelled her product into all the best stores (Nordstrom for all of her 27 years). The collection is 70 percent men’s, 30 percent women’s; the spring 16 focus is linen and all manner of linen/modal/cotton blends. (Editor’s tip: If you want to sell men’s scarves, show them with sportswear!)