by Karen Alberg Grossman

We’ve heard the old adage: misfortune creates opportunity. Unfortunately, in the midst of a global pandemic, it can be tough to think clearly enough to reinvent oneself. But in totally different ways, industry execs David Schuster and Giovanni Marquez have each come up with career pivots that we find viable and inspiring.

David Schuster’s career focus on tailored clothing seemed misaligned with the pandemic’s work-from-home takeover. So when S.Cohen declared bankruptcy in 2020, he decided to start his own repping agency with an outdoor lifestyle core. Creating DREST Agency, Schuster is now selling to specialty stores and pro shops, outdoors stores, and ski/surf shops.

“I can create custom packages of relevant items and brands to make it easy for store owners to present an entire lifestyle. Products include real performance items, athleisure apparel, technical apparel and accessories, and other outdoor gear. Key brands include Sunice, Bobby Jones, Gore-Tex, Nike Vision, Columbia, PGA, Duca Del Cosma, and more. I’ve even created a mobile showroom in my newly purchased van to make it easier to work directly with pro shops, across the country.”

For more info contact David at or 631-902-8380.

As for Giovanni Marquez, he closed his FSB Men’s Store in Palm Beach County Florida in April of 2020 after 50 years in the business. He also has 22 years of experience as director of operations for, with knowledge of omnichannel marketing, email/text blasts, social media campaigns, and more. After a short sabbatical, he began consulting: his first client opened a men’s/shoe store in downtown Lake Worth Beach in November 2020 and is already showing a profit! Says Gio, “My goal is to inspire and enable vendors, retailers, and corporate to see things through new eyes based on my wisdom, knowledge, and creativity. I can help retailers find emerging brands, connect merchants with key vendors and vice versa, develop private label programs globally, help retailers control expenses and improve margins, provide wardrobe consulting for big corporations, and more. It’s my passion for fashion and what I do best.”

Gio is also selling the rights to all three of his trademarked brands: Fashion Menswear, FSBMens, and Giovanni Marquez. He can be reached at 561-376-3778 or