by William Buckley

1. Thorsun

Established: George Sotelo, 2014
Brand philosophy: Practical Elegant Streamlined Printed Swimwear
Point of difference: My short is designed to be extremely utilitarian. It’s designed with very deep pockets that lean forward to prevent items from falling out and has internal security pockets without creating bulk. The prints are all original and inspired by Mexican Meso-American Revival pottery.
Key items: The New Titan fit which is a more athletic cut.
Key accounts: Bergdorf Goodman, Barneys, Feed Segal, The Webster, Mohawk General Store


2. We Norwegians

Established: Tove Grane, October 2014
Brand philosophy: A timeless and direct reflection of who Norwegians are and our heritage. A mix of modern basics and traditional knitting patterns with a contemporary twist – All made in pure merino wool – All made in Europe.
Point of difference: Norwegians wear wool throughout the whole year, so we know wool. But most of the traditional wool garments are too heavy and warm for all year use, and can not be used indoors. The lighter merino wool pieces on the market are mostly made by sports brands. I have worked for almost 20 years, both with sport and fashion, and I saw that the market is missing a fashion label that could offer versatile, good quality, basic pieces that have all the technical qualities that merino wool have.
Key items: Our BaseTwo quality which is knitted in Italian, fine merino wool (19.5 micron), NM 1/48. The yarn is knitted as a jacquard, so that the appearance of the fabrics gets a piqué like structure. This our most important basic quality which we use for sweaters that can be used all year. Our other key quality is called BaseOne. It’s a super fine merino wool (17.2 micron), that we use for T-shirts. This is the perfect T-shirt! The last, very important items in our product line, are our Made in Tuscany woven scarves. For fall/winter, we use a merino wool/silk mix (70/30), and for spring/summer we use a cotton/silk mix (50/50).
Key accounts: Ron Robinson (LA and Santa Monica, CA), Michael Kehoe (Burlington, VT), Brightwater (Excelsior, MN)


3. UDP
(Used Denim Products)
Established: Chris Pappas and Ryan Crenshaw, Jan, 2015
Brand philosophy: We do not discriminate, jeans are for everyone
Point of difference: Japanese denim/Price
Key items: Replenishment program
Key accounts: TBD

Co-founders of UDP

4. S.P.C.C.

Established: 2012, Cape Town, South Africa
Brand philosophy: “Minimalism isn’t a lack of something but rather the perfect amount of something ”
Point of difference: clean/well-made menswear pieces at an affordable price point.
Key items: Stovepipe Denim range, uplifted basic knits, well designed outerwear pieces and full leather hand made footwear and bags
Key accounts: branded menswear stores in South Africa and Netherlands, also online platforms across the globe


Project runs Monday, August 17  through Wednesday, August 19 at The Mandalay Bay Convention Center.