Why The Armoury’s Mark Cho Is Selling His Massive Watch Collection

Mark Cho spent the last 16 years amassing a spectacular watch collection. Cho, the co-owner of Drake’s and co-founder of highbrow suiting shop The Armoury, is more invested in fashion than your average collector. And so he delights in what others may have overlooked: he loves quartz watches because they’re thin, he’s tickled by a Frankensteined Nautilus, and he conducted a whole study on the ideal watch size for the wrist. He’s the sort of nontraditional watch collector, for example, who describes a Rolex GMT “Root Beer” as “eh.” And it’s worked: over the years, Cho put together the platonic ideal of a personal collection, stuffed with watches that would be the one oddball for many others. And now, he’s selling a large majority of it. Read more at GQ

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