Zayn Malik x Arnette eyewear collaboration
by Stephen Garner
Zayn Malik x Arnette eyewear collaboration

Eyewear brand Arnette has teamed up with musician Zayn Malik.

The new Zayn x Arnette collaboration is an ongoing creative project that includes a product launch, a fresh campaign inspired by Malik’s own artwork, and a whole new take on sustainable eyewear, produced using only bio-based materials.

Showcasing five edgy, yet easy-to-wear styles named after iconic retro cars, the collection presents advanced bio-acetate and metal shapes that take us on a ride from ‘80s-inspired graphics into the experimental dimension of a new world. Featuring powerful bold square profiles, low-and-wide wing shapes and deep-rim metal, exclusive new bleached tie-dye colors, and colorful see-through and flash mirror shades, each has a defined look and style. Marked out with graphic Z lens logos, each pair reflects Malik’s signature approach to style.

“I’m very interested in design and the creative elements of a campaign, so it was quite cool to work with a brand like Arnette,” said Malik. “The team has been really open and receptive to my ideas and have been a great partner.”

Malik’s expressive vision plays out in the new collection campaign like a multi-level videogame, creating a surreal escape that leaves the city in the dust of a neon light storm. From graffiti art to retro race heroes, this creative collaboration captures an awakening of creative minds. Upbeat, fun, and unexpected, the mood of the collection shifts from vaporwave visuals to retro in a flash, a note of ‘90s nostalgia and loads of contemporary attitude.

“The whole retro vibe of the campaign is sick,” added Malik. “One of my favorites is the Drophead, which pushes an iconic shape to the next level with updated design.”

The new Zayn x Arnette, which retails starting at $99, is now available at,, and